Islamic Cure for Impotence


Islamic Cure for Impotence

Islamic Cure for Impotence is very simple, which anyone can do, but before that lets see how is it affected.

The witches (may Allah curse them) may gain power over one who is newly married, and cause him to be impotent, so that he is unable to have intercourse with his wife. Impotence is of two types;

1.   Impotence on the part of the husband.
2.   Frigidity on the part of the wife.

The problem may be diagnosed by means of asking the husband questions. The symptoms of impotence are pain in the thighs and heaviness in the head accompanied by headaches, and changes in mood.

After it is established that the problem is impotence, the remedy is simple and easy, by the grace of Allah. 

There is no need for muslims with ED to take viagra or cialis. Be a pious muslim and grow your beards. allah will make sure you wont be afflicted with ED.